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Gurley Lions Club serving the Gurley community since 1948

1908-2008 Centennial Banquet

A tradition of over a century of teaching!
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1908-2008 Centennial Parade

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Thanks to Jane Ford Pearson for sharing these pictures with us.

Gurley Community History
The Glee Club in 1959

Ruth Ford Joan Hewlett Audrey Sneed Jeanette Hewlett Nancy Hollingsworth

The Glee Club was organized by Mrs. Ruth Ford in January 1955, with a membership of approximately 25 members. Pictured with Mrs. Ford are the last four girls who were members of the original group: Joan Hewlett, Audrey Sneed, Jeanette Hewlett, and Nancy Hollingsworth.

Glee Club 1959

Glee Club 1959

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