Gurley Lions Club serving the Gurley community since 1948
Gurley Lions Club serving the Gurley community since 1948

Raymond Frank Worden

Raymond Frank Worden
Raymond Frank Worden - Born April 1, 1925

Died in service to his country on the ammunition ship USS Mount Hood November 10, 1944. The ship was anchored in Seeadler Harbor on Manus Island of the Admiralty Group near new Guinea.

Parents are Vere and Rhea Worden

By T. Sgt. R. V. Worden

This fool's day in forty-five
I think of one did not survive
For he was twenty on this day,
I bow my head for I must pray.

I look back four year sor more
Of peaceful time before the war,
His kiddish smile, his rude brown hair,
His soft full voice, it all was there.

Of all the time we fished and hiked,
And all the things I knew he liked;
The way he worked to finish school,
All summer long, the golden rule.

Then in forty-three it came,
His country called to start to train.
In this, too, he drove ahead
And nursed the knowledge that he had.

And yet a call far greater came
Which he answered just the same.
For this call he gave his life
Gave our peace on earth its right.

AS I bow my head today
Tis for those I like him I pray
That we still live and carry on
Til our lasting peace is won.

Mary Ashby's Uncle RV wrote this poem for his younger brother Raymond who died at the age of 19.

Mary Ashby graciously shared this article December 01 2009.
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