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Gurley is against the Colonial Pipeline because the Atlanta-based company has had three large spills during the past two decades. City of Huntsville was pushing hard to force the passage of colonial pipeline in East Madison (Gurley's area). Victory for the citizens of this area thanks to Lynne Leach, Albert Hall, Jerry Craig, Lowell Barron, Robert Sentell, former Mayor of Gurley Mr. T. David Freeman, and Peaches Thompson. Thanks for the quality of our ecological and environmental local life.

Stop Colonial Pipeline Fund: The Alabama Environmental Council has set up a legal fund to raise money so
we can hire Frank Fly, an attorney who has succesfully fought Colonial and won. You can send the checks to Lynn Leach 307 Shooting Star Tr. Gurley AL 35748

Note: US Senator Richard Shelby has never been present at any public meetings related to Colonial Pipeline in the Gurley area.

Gurley says NONo Colonial Pipeline



School & children's safety
Highway safety, congestion, and condition
Property values decreased by 30% to 40%

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Colonial Pipe line back to drawing board Send a letter to officials and leaders
Spill Profiles document Redstone Arsenal stored toxic waste
Send contributions to MPACT Environmental Impact Study
National Response Team document Send a letter to Ruben Hernandez

Update on some of the current issues

Colonial Pipe line has gone back to the drawing board with their proposed route through eastern Madison county, due to public outcry against it. This represents a victory for the citizens of this area. The downside is the new route may go through Wheeler Wildlife refuge.
The time to act is now.
Please write a letter to your senators and congressmen stating we do not want the pipeline anywhere in our area. Two existing lines are in place that go through Chattanooga to Nashville. Let them re-work those lines instead.  The truth is Nashville is driving this expansion.  Yes, the Huntsville airport would like a hub and the city of Huntsville would receive 20% of the fuel but the average citizen will derive no benefits at the pump and the added growth would create more air pollution.

If you remember, Huntsville was out of compliance on ozone this summer several days.  EPA will enforce new guidelines by early 2001 that would really stifle growth.  It's time we say we want managed growth and the quality of our lives of the citizens are more important than corporate profits.
Port of Huntsville: It's been pretty hush, hush but the mayor and the city and some big developers are looking at a port and barge terminal on the Tenn. River.  There are about six locations they have been studying. One would need a corridor through Wheeler, the other would be in close proximity to Blackwell swamp. A port and barge terminal is not what Huntsville needs. It will create the potential for more industrial pollutants in the water, the dredging operations could stir up the DDT buried near Triana ( another site) and the planned industrial park would attract heavy industry. Another site is close to Ditto Landing. How will the the recreational opportunities on the river be impacted by a port and barge terminal. What about endangered species and more habitat loss? It's time for you to start asking for information and weighing in against it now while they are still in the search stage.

Solar update- It looks like a location has been found for the first wind turbine to be erected in the southeast. It will be located on Look out mountain in GA.
Steve Smith of TVERC spoke to our group last month about the progress being made in this direction. For those of you who missed the meeting, he spoke about Solar Energy as well as other green energies on the grid for you to be able to purchase by April 2000, Hog farm update-Please mark your calenders for Dec. 11, the Sand Mountain Concerned Citizens will host a public forum on Public health concerns of confined aminal feeding operations. It will be located at North Al
State college. more info later...

WTO-World Trade organization will be meeting in Seattle Washington. We need to get our letters out because the U.S. is looking to make it easier for imported wood products to come into our country. This will speed up the process of deforestation around the world. Please e-mail antonia@igc.org for more info about this.

Hike with the Sierra club- On Nov.6th meet at the Landtrust parking lot.  The hike is one of the natural wonders designated by the AEC. We will hike the Railroad bed road trail. It's an easy hike and it would give us a chance to meet some fellow environmentalist.

Lynne Leach

United States
Environmental Protection Agency

Spill Profiles

Certain oil spills have proven to be watershed events in the evolution of EPA's oil program, and the nation's emergency response infrastructure. Others provide valuable lessons that teach responders which parts of the system are working effectively, and how other parts can be improved. Several of these significant oil spills are listed and profiled here. We will extend this list over time to include other relevant spills. If you know of a spill that highlights the effectiveness of the system, or that demonstrates where the system needs improvement, please let us know. We will review your suggestion and the available information on the spill to determine whether it should be included here.


Of The National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan

G-OPF 2100 2nd St. S.W., Washington, DC 20593-0001


Sitrep One
10 February, 1999

These reports describe significant environmental incidents reported to and tracked by the National
Response Center. They reflect both new incidents and follow-up information describing actions taken for
previously reported events. The NRC publishes Incident Summary Reports periodically upon receipt of
documentary information from the Federal On-Scene Coordinator.

Occurrence Date: 10 February
Location: Knoxville, TN
Source: 10 Inch Pipeline
Material: High Sulpher Diesel Fuel
Severity: Major
Quantity Discharged: 2,000 Barrels
Quantity in Water: 2.000 Barrels
Body of Water Affected:   Tennessee River
Federal On-Scene Coordinator:   EPA REGION IV
On February 10. 1999 at approximately 2:45 am local

Information sent by Ellen Belcher Sunday, August 29

Folks,  there are strong rumors that Colonial Pipeline will make some kind of major announcement the 1st of the week.  The Colonial board of directors will meet either this weekend or Monday or Tuesday am.  The 2 most probable options are that they are reconsidering all their options or that they will propose a new route to the west of the city.  The net effect of either of these statements will be that some people will lose interest and that money contributions will be slowed.
We all need to remain aware that the Pipeline company has spent large sums of money on survey work, land options for the terminal sites, and for legal work for the easement agreements, most of which are already prepared.
The route through eastern Madison County remains the shortest, cheapest route for the pipeline.  The tariff petition to FERC is based on the eastern route.  Most of Colonial's prep work for the eastern route has been done.
If they come this way they will be able to come very quickly. Unless the Colonial Pipeline Company takes concrete steps such as withdrawing or modifying their FERC petition and fully disclosing what their new proposal is we all need to continue to press the issue.
Political pressure on our elected leaders at the high state and federal level is still our best hope to make Colonial withdraw from our area.  US Senator Jeff Sessions has sent a letter of concern to FERC as has Bud Cramer.  US Senator Shelby has not made his position clearIf you have not called or written your state and federal officials you need to do so now. If you have already contacted them do it again.
Please continue to do your research on this situation.  We have received some good and very useful info.  Keep it coming!
We have found several good legal and FERC options that may be used to stop the pipeline.   We will put these on hold until after the Colonial announcement.
I suggest that we all begin to collect e-mail addresses for our friends and neighbors that are concerned about the pipeline.  Forward any info received to everyone on your list.  This "chain e-mail" will be the quickest way to get the word out to everyone.  In addition call 2 friends who are
concerned but do not have e-mail.
     Our next immediate goals will be to fully involve the eastern parts of Huntsville which is a area that can provide a tremendous opposition base for us.
Several small organizational meetings are slated for parts of the county.  Tennessee is organizing themselves nicelyAlabama to the south of us remains dormant.  We need to work on that.
    Another good site is www.dnj.com  go to local then search type in colonial pipeline.  You will find that Colonial has no Murfreesboro terminal right now.

Please send your contributions to MPACT 316 Brock Rd. Brownsboro, Al 35741.
Funds will be audited by a Certified Public Accountant.

Send a letter to Senator Shelby, Senator Sessions and Ruben Hernandez

I would urge all citizens concerned about the Colonial Pipeline project to send a letter to Senator Shelby, Senator Sessions and Ruben Hernandez with the Army Corp of Engineers demanding a full Environmental Impact Statement be done for this project. Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a project meets this strict environmental process when the proposed action is federal, is controversial, and has a significant environmental impact. The project is federal in that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) must approve it. The second requirement is obvious when over 2,000 people have come out vocally against it and the third because it crosses the Flint River as well as wetlands and minor streams. In the letter please add Colonial has the worst environmental record and for them to be allowed to develop there pipeline and terminal would put our citizens public safety and health at risk.
Ask all three to respond to you with their opinion on this issue.

Sample letter to Senators or Army Corp of Engr.

Dear _____:

I am writing you today because of my concern over Colonial Gas Company's proposed gas pipeline and tank farm to be located in Madison County. Colonial has the worst environmental safety record of all the companies in this business. Their gross mismanagement has caused gas ruptures and spills all across the nation. In February of 1999 they spilled 84,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the Tenn. River in Knoxville. They have at least two Superfund sites they are responsible for. They have pled guilty time and again to criminal charges from New Jersey to Louisiana. Currently the EPA is investigating them over a new undisclosed spill. The route of this pipeline would cross the Flint River at least four times. This river is a sensitive watershed that would never recover if a spill occurred there. Endangered gray bats have been found in a cave in close proximity to the route. A full EIS should be done before be required before this project is allowed to proceed.

Another equally important concern is the safety and health of this densely populated rural area. The volunteer fire departments are unequipped to handle an emergency rupture of the pipeline or a fire at the tank farm.

As a taxpayer, I believe Colonial should be denied the 40% tariff increase they are asking FERC to agree to because we should not have to pay for their pipeline expansion.
What is your stand on this issue as our senator, (congressman)?


Senator Richard Shelby
110 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington,D.C. 20510

Senator Jeff Sessions
495 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C.

Mr. Ruben Hernandez
Army Corp. of Engineers
P.O. Box1070
Nashville, TN 372002-1070

Environmental impact study


(After the Owens Crossroads Pipeline Meeting, Thursday 9 Sept 1999 at the OXR elementary school)

I suggest we write and e-mail these people. Our best hope at the present time is to require an environmental impact study.

Steve Belcher

LTG Joe N. Ballard
HQ, US Army Corps of Engineers
20 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20314-1000
Phone number: 202-761-0001
Fax number: 202-761-1683
E-mail address: Joe.N.Ballard.Ltg

Head of the Nashville District:
LTC Pete Taylor

US Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District
P.O. Box 1070
Nashville, TN 37702-1070
Phone: 615-736-5626
E-mail: Pete.F.Taylor.Ltc

Public Affairs Office:
Ed Evans, Public Affairs Officer

US Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District
P.O. Box 1070
Nashville, TN 37702-1070
Phone: 615-736-7161> E-mail: Eward.M.Evans

Project Manager's office symbol:

E-mail: Jose.R.Hernandez

Information offered by Joy Byrnes

Send a letter to Ruben Hernandez

Hi folks,

Send a letter to Ruben Hernandez c/o U.S. Army Corp of Engrs.P.O.Box 1070 Nashville, TN 37202-1070.
In the letter, ask to be put on a mailing list so you can be informed when Colonial Pipeline has applied for a permit from them.

We should also voice our opposition to the pipeline as well.

Reciprocal Links & Related information

By Jim Mahanes & submitted by Robert and Teri Hoke
Thanks to Robert and Teri Hoke (Teri Nolan) Buchanan Community (near Murfreesboro, TN)
Colonial Pipeline Home Page

For more information go to: United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage
<<All it takes for a bad thing to happen is for good people to do nothing!>>
We are so glad to find that there is a wider action group against Colonial Pipeline...
Submitted by: qofcoupons@aol.com
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Chemicals In The Community

SOLEX ROBOTICS is an advanced robotics technology company building rugged platforms for in-service tank inspection and maintenance activities for the petroleum and chemical refining industries.
Colonial Pipeline FrancisVille Baton Rouge

Redstone Arsenal stored toxic waste

Hello, As you all have probably read, the Redstone Arsenal has finally admitted to a fraction of it's stored toxic waste leaching into the ground water near the English Village subdivision. As you may also know, Ron has been trying to get some straight answers about numerous other chemicals that are stored there. He has not had any success in getting answers or in enticing the newspaper to do some investigative reporting. The response is always, "it's a super fund site". Which we believe means "it's being taken care of". Well, I guess it is not being taken care of. The chemicals that are currently leaching into the groundwater have been in "temporary" storage on the Arsenal since 1942!!!!!

There is a meeting being held on Tuesday night Sept. 21st at 8:00pm at Chaffee School. Both Ron and I are planning to attend and hope to see you there. Spread the word, it's time for the handful of environmentalists in Huntsville to encourage others to come forth and start cleaning up this dirty little city we live in.

Information submitted by Lynn Leach
President of the Alabama Environmental Association
Information sent by Ellen & Steve Belcher
President of MPAC

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